Saturday, October 19, 2019

Source Evaluation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Source Evaluation - Assignment Example The content of the book is relevant to research of IT corporations from their origins to the management tycoons’ life long aspirations. In particular, this book caters the Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s journey in becoming a successful search engine inventor. Conclusively, the content of the book has been divided into eleven chapters which are generally described as a story of Google till reaching the moral of the content i.e. predictable future of Google. Another reason behind selecting the book for research was its year of publication i.e. 2008. This makes the content of the book updated. As per the rule of present-day research, sources within the last five years can be considered as much credible and relevant for a research. Most of the IT related books are written in a very informal manner and might have slang book topics. This source is different from such because the author has used a very formal tone and manner of writing which makes the book right for research wor k. Furthermore, notes and references to the content taken from other sources have also been marked by the author by following academic standards. The book has been directed towards IT professionals so that they can understand the significance of learning from the symbols of development in the field. The book allows the readers to gain insight of the tactical working of IT professionals in Google Inc. Also, students of the IT field can use the book as a reference for their research projects so that they can get imperative knowledge about the practice where they are more likely to enter. For a general audience, the book is not complicated to use because it includes very general information about the IT Corporation. The general audience can use this book as a story of a company turning into a success. Using this book as a source of reference will allow a systematic analysis of the company (Scott). It is very important to note that any book is known by its writer.

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