Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Case Study # 2 Lounge Talk Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

# 2 Lounge Talk - Case Study Example The way each of them handled issues were different and aligned to the leadership styles they used as stated earlier. A classical example presents itself when Dr. Werner helps Delores with planning skills and classroom management unlike Mr. Calbo, who covered the teacher up. For a fact, Dr. Warner is more interested with the professional development of the teachers and the students, which is coupled to the realization of the schools goals and objectives. Essentially, the students and teachers expect a different kind of treatment from the principles. Some of the teachers and students expect to have a loving and caring principal while the others expect the principles to be very decisive and dynamic. The differences in the way the teachers expect the principal to react bring about the difference in reaction to Dr. Werner. The teachers demonstrating excellence in their fields have a problem with the principle for the fact that they do not get the praises and reward as it were before with Mr. Calbo. Instead, the principle spends more time with the students and teachers with a few shortcomings. The approach is important and advantageous for the fact that there is development of the individuals involved. They gain better skills and self-management which works towards achieving the goals of the institution. For instance, the fact that the principle took time with Delores, there has been improved performance and increased productivity. At the same time, the students attending the trip with the teacher are likely to change their character and work towards excelling. This wholesomely works towards the individual level development and achieving of the organizational goals (Yang, 2008 P2 L 26-36). Mr. Calbo used the transactional leadership style while Dr. Werner used transformational leadership style. Mr.Calbo promoted the rewarding of the staff member. The staff members were paid for any activity they were involved in. Moreover, he lacked the vision and

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