Monday, November 4, 2019

Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Question - Essay Example Group or public plans come in handy to cut down on costs (Santerre & Neun, 24). Health care policies must be tailored to meet end consumer needs (Santerre & Neun, 24). Insurance contractors do not only contract out policies for access purposes only. The policies must establish a good tradeoff between access and quality and still control costs (Santerre & Neun, 24). Many policy givers often go for low cost plans when those seeking to be insured want to be assured of quality and strong preferences. Traditional health fee for services modes of operation were quite expensive and hence the reason for coming up of health care plans which are cheaper. However, the costs of premiums have been on the rise due to increased competition in the health industry (Santerre & Neun, 24). Adopting of new working guidelines by physicians ensures that quality standards of health care are maintained (Santerre & Neun, 24). It helps ensure that patients realize desired results. The expectations on the side of physicians have been raised and they must continually strive to meet requirements. Policies and methodologies adopted must strive to ensure that they foster a balanced workforce presently and in the future (Santerre & Neun, 24). The physician induced demand theory specifies that a physician should be able to induce a patient during treatment on the fact that the physicians possess more knowledge than the patient (Santerre & Neun, 24). Supply induced demand occurs where health care practitioners persuade patients to seek health care polices. The patients are persuaded to seek policies they would otherwise not have obtained were it not for them physicians. Theories regarding the supply-induced model are that they physician have too much information regarding the policies which they at times do not explain to the healthcare seekers. Some do this to their advantage at the expense of patients. Empirical consequences of the supply-induced demand are that demand for

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